Get ready to brandrep for mellow

Welcome! This is an application to apply to be a part of the ‘Mellow Merchandising’ Brand Team. We are always looking at applications to add fresh faces to our team.


What we ask

  • Brandreps with a minimum (combined) following of 1000.
  • Pictures need be taken in a lively environment (lifestyle / real life picture)
  • Pictures need to contain the full t-shirt print and the brandreps face
  • Post a picture on your social media account tagging our page within 5 days after receiving the t-shirt.
  • Post the picture (or other picture that qualifies) on your social media account again within 2 months after receiving the t-shirt, also tagging our page
  • When you want to share the picture on any online service like social media, be sure to always refer to one of our pages (or
  • Brandrep pictures will be used bij mellow merchandising in promotional campaigns.

What you get

  • As a brand rep you will get a free t-shirt of you choice every 2 months.
  • You can order other products in our shop with a discount.
  • When you post an image of yourself wearing the shirt in your social media account(s) and tag our pages, you automatically qualify for a next free t-shirt.
  • And lot of love from the rest of the team 🙂

Brandrep sign up form

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